Working on server where, as user, I can’t delete uploaded files by server (Codeigniter Application) I need to change code and apply correct file permission (CHMOD). Here is one way how to do this.

Today I had to make “ASAP with all possible and available tools” to make one of client’s pages work on alder IE browser.  I tried traditional < meta > option, but somehow didn’t work. Next I tried server side with .htaccess, but this only gave error 500 But for my surprise worked PHP version, just […]

It was little bit annoying whe I wanted to change background of jQuery’s jScrollpane plugin. As it wasn’t very good show up with Firebug. Used deep digg with Google chrome and found needed lines in CSS.

While there is ongoing issue with twitter feed and <em> tag ( ), here is my quick tip how to solve it. Here is item content: as You can see title and description is identical from point of view of content, only markup is different. So in Your application You can use title instead […]

Working with privacy on one of my latest projects, I implemented Do Not Track (DNT) feature, based on HTTP Header information (HTTP_DNT) And yes, it’s still experimental feature, not wide supported. More information from Wikipedia