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Server downtime at IHG Delta DC

Last few days we had some downtime with our web pages. Sorry for that. While almost all “administrative” sites were down, all our services were up, because for most of important services and our clients we are using different servers and data centers in Latvia and USA. has moved to WordPress

Few days ago we finally moved our mine site to CMS – WordPress. In next weeks we will update all information about our services, specially about hosting, which is our newest service. By that time some sections from this blog well be removed and integrated in out main site –

Looking for better hosting under $6/mo; Say Goodbye to GoDaddy hosting!

Look like renewal GoDaddy’s hosting plan (Deluxe (?!?)/Linux/Shared) this May was big mistake, as our main site ( continues to crash with MySQL databases. Which leads to several downtimes for all hosted blogs and some clients webpages, which were using same databases. While for clients I made another MySQL database after last MySQL crush, this […]