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We have version control server (SVN)!

Last few months we were working on our new service for our partners in web development area. Since Simple Media Code’s services are using not only “regular” people or business companies, but also other web development companies, we decided to offer private SVN hosting for our common projects or as stand alone.

Server downtime at IHG Delta DC

Last few days we had some downtime with our web pages. Sorry for that. While almost all “administrative” sites were down, all our services were up, because for most of important services and our clients we are using different servers and data centers in Latvia and USA.

5 Reasons Businesses Should Migrate to Google Apps

While most of us are already familiar with and have already adopted the increasingly popular Google email server, Gmail, many businesses have remained rooted in the traditional language of on-premise servers like Microsoft Exchange. Considering the fact that in this day and age, all types of data are moving to the cloud, this blog article will describe 5 reasons why it makes sense for businesses to make the move to Google Apps.