Using the IE8 X-UA Compatibility with PHP

I had to make “ASAP with all possible and available tools” all client’s pages work on older Internet Explorer (IE) browsers.  I tried the traditional < meta > option, but somehow that didn’t work. Next, I tried server side option with .htaccess, but this gave me only error 500 For my surprise PHP option was […]

Do Not Track HTTP Header with PHP

Working with privacy on one of my latest projects, I implemented Do Not Track (DNT) feature, based on HTTP Header information (HTTP_DNT) View the code on Gist. And yes, it’s still experimental feature, not wide supported. More information from Wikipedia

Better page title with and without Yoast WordPress SEO plugin

Look like Yoast‘s comments are breaking code, so I’ll put it here. If You are using (and You should!) Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin, it’s good to backup Your WordPress theme with fall-back solution, if some day client will deactivate WordPress SEO plugin. My solution: (original) Adopted: View the code on Gist.