Calculate HTML element height with jQuery

Working on current project, I needed to make sidebar’s height exact as article’s. Since all article are different height, I used javascript framework jQuery. In end found 2 options how to find height value of HTML element.

Problem dynamic height

You have post with dynamic (undefined) height (normally) and You want Your sidebar exact height as post.

Solution A: jQuery offset()

var fromelement = $(".status-publish");
var foffset = fromelement.offset();
var toelement = $("#comments");
var toffset = toelement.offset();
var myelemetheight =;


  • fromp = element of start element of which You want to calculate height
  • toelement = other element on page, to which You want to calculate height
  • myelemetheight = calculated height (need to round up to full number)

Solution B: jQuery innerHeight() (easy)

var smcelement = $(".status-publish");
var myelemetheight = smcelement.innerHeight();

Apply CSS

Now You can add CSS attribute to Your sidebar element with jQuery .css()

$(".thisElementNeedNewHeight").css({'height': myelemetheight});

This is it!



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