itemprop attributes for WordPress SERP results

I just updated itemprop WP plugin for images. And just right after that, I realize, that there is even better solution – using WordPress filters.

[Now You can download as plugin: Itemprop WP]

New plugin version has class function for itemprop="image"

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I love your plugin, it is just what I needed!!
I have some questions. If I want to include itemprop description, and I want it to be the excerpt, can I edit the php file, and what piece of code would I need to use?

Also, is there anyway to edit it so that instead of the author displaying author page url, it would display either just my name or a link to my Google +?

Thank you so much! This plugin is great!!

Rolands Umbrovskis


next version will include itemprop=description
already in development verion:



Thank you, that’s great. dateModified would be nice too :)

Rolands Umbrovskis


It’s now included since plugin version 3.1.4

Noticias Curiosas


Hi, could you tell me if i’m wrong with this plugin? this one works for getting an image on google serps? like the webs with recipes? or it is for something else? could you give me a capture of what this plugin does exactly?


Rolands Umbrovskis


This snippet will add itemprop=image to FEATURED images. As some people had no chance to add it other ways.

ITEMPROPWP plugin is doing even more, it will add invisible for humans wrapper of to CONTENT of post or page (or custom post type), and will be much better results. Recommended to use plugin version



Very nice. This snippet seems to be the simplest way to add the itemprop=”image” metadata.

please (


Hi, superb plugin, but can you add itemprop about and itemprop headine as well? Big sites like PC Advisor have ’em, so I was wondering if we can have ’em too.

Hung Thinh


Sad ! not working ..
I’m very hard to imagine, no detailed instructions

Rolands Umbrovskis


simply put in Your functions.php and magic will happen :)

Hung Thinh


I had to uninstall disappointment .. please guide more details ..

Rolands Umbrovskis


Hi! THIS is not plugin. Please describe what in not working?

Also, if You are wrining about plugin vesion, please describe more detailed, as most of blogs this is working.



“itemprop attributes for WordPress SERP results |
Web development blog” genuinely enables me personally ponder
a small amount further. I really adored every particular element
of it. Thanks a lot ,Laurence



If adding a itemprop without a itempscope and itemtype, is this still work? :D



Installed your plugin waited for few days,magic stared to happen with serp.



how to use this ??

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